Secondary Water Supply


CPS-21C constant pressure water supply controller (hereinafter referred to as 21C controller) suitable for industrial and domestic water supply and fire control systems. It is a new type controller following CPS-21B and CPS-21E ,in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 quality system .

We combined decades of users’s requirement, refer to the latest standards, using the latest chip technology, high reliability design with better performance.



1. with a backlit LCD display, friendly interface. Using the buttonboard display panel and the host sub-structure, which is easy to install;

2. Working pump mode can be configured, up to 5 + 2 (five primary pumps and two small pumps) control structure;

3. New power supply design,anti-interference ability,and better adaptability to external power supply ;

4. System can be set to detect feedback to ensure more reliable operation;

5.Detailed parameters,refined system controls, more energy-efficient operation system ;

6. Variable small pump can be independently set a lower limit frequency, more efficiency;

7. When a small pump system is not configured,user can choose whether to stop the variable displacement pump;

8. Optional inverter stops operation to prevent water hammer effect;

9. Complete sleep function with aftercompaction according to the pressure drop;

10. Better fire control function;

11. Multiple analog input, enabling control of the water supply with new technology, particularly the pipe network layers system(commonly known as the non-vacuum) ;

12. Reserved for the RS485 interface for easy connection to PC or touch screen for configuration control;

13. Compatible with our CPS-20 series controllers all the features and more intelligent design, easy to use and maintain.

> AC Input: AC 185V ~ 265V, 50Hz

> Power: 12VA

> Temperature: -5 ℃ + 55 ℃

> Relative humidity: ≤95% (non-condensing)

> Elevation: less than 2000 m height

> Shell Protection Grade: IP20

> Product Performance Standards: Q / HD LLK001-2004