Wellhead pressure test vehicle


WINGOIL Vehicle-mounted pressure testing system is suitable for onsite and workshop hydrostatic test of various wellhead equipment such as blowout preventers(BOP), high-pressure manifolds and Christmas trees stand. It can save most cost and time for onsite pressure testing hugely and widely used in harsh and faraway oil and gas field.

Reference Standards:

API 6A , GB/T22513

API 16A, SY/T5053.1

API 16C, SY/T5323



> Highly integrated and movable testing system with shock absorption installed on trucks or other vehicles to meet various field testing needs.

> It has remote operation function (pressure imposing, pressure stabilizing, pressure relief, and overpressure protection, etc.) and sound and light alarm system;

> Computer automatic control technology as well as pressure test and video monitoring technologies are adopted. Control of pressure test process can be completed automatically according to the program instruction.

> Data is collected and recorded simultaneously; pressure test curve is generated and report is printed automatically to realize intelligentsia and digitization of test procedure and data management.

> All key materials like pumps, gas boosters, high pressure valves, tubing and fittings are made in Germany (or on client’s request).


> Pressure test medium: clean water, hydraulic oil, anti-freezing liquor, mixed liquor.

> Drive air supply: 0.5MPa≤P≤1.0MPa.

> Max test pressure: 250Mpa(2500bar, 36250psi)

> Max flow: 100LPM(26.39GPM)

> Pressure control precision:  1%FS

> Driven air pressure: 0.5--1Mpa;

> Control mode: manual or automatic

> Record method: mechanism or electronic

> Power source: motor or diesel